Saturday, January 26, 2019


EPIC Sport runs comprehensive and supplemental programming for youth and senior players from April - July. It is our practice to avoid conflict with local club training throughout the year and we respect the continued support of clubs for our programming.

  • EPIC EXCEL PROGRAM: This program is designed for those players U17 and older who wish to train and play at their top level. The EPIC Excel Program includes the WPSL team, Reserve Team, and players U17-U18 who aspire to grow their game through interaction with college and senior players in a focused training and game environment. The spirit of Kaizen, Japanese business term around 'continuous improvement' is at the center of this program. Regardless of age players can discover new abilities and grow their game to the next level.  All players will begin training sessions together before separating into their appropriate groups for the remainder of training. The close proximity provides us with the opportunity to seamlessly move players between groups.

  • EPIC GROWTH PROGRAM: This program for U13-U16 continues the advancement of EPIC's technical and visual awareness habits required for higher level performance in the game. This age group brings great change and insecurities but can also bring forth amazing growth in developing female athletes. Our patient, process-focused approach empowers the young player and provides them the space to flourish. This program is by invitation or tryout only and runs in the training session prior to our EXCEL program providing the opportunity for observation and interaction of the top female players on the island.

  • EPIC DISCOVERY PROGRAM: Focusing on the development of FUNdamental movements and playing concepts for U8-U12 players. Players are guided toward discovery around their technical growth and the development of their visual awareness principles.